Flowers have been used to improve our surroundings for 1000s of years, dating back to as early as 2500 BC when the ancient Egyptians used the Lotus to adorn their various events. Their vibrant colours and sweet aromas have the natural ability to improve our mood and well-being.

We started in 2001, serving customers from a 6×6 foot hut in the Rodney Bay Marina, delivering the freshest and brightest floral arrangements to thousands of happy customers. Since then, we have enjoyed much growth, and opened another branch at the Baywalk Mall in 2011.

Despite our success over the years though, nothing has truly given us as much satisfaction and fulfilment as delivering our products and seeing the sheer delight on the faces of our customers.

At Flower Shack, we believe moments with the special people in your life are what’s most important in life. That’s why we aim to deliver a premium floral service that enhances and improves the quality of these occasions.